Welcome and Intro by Director Alisha Gartland

MC’ed by Director of HOV – Alisha Gartland 

All students must stay until the end out of courtesy to other performers, as everyone deserves the same audience as you have had.

Program Order


Trivia will be amongst each of our performers.

  • Fight Song – Siena Pansino
  • Merrily we roll along and Danny Boy – Ayat Binti Araf
  • Wrecking ball – Miranda Sacks
  • Sea Shanty – Jakob Wibowo
  • Drivers License – Isabella Kearney
  • When I was your man – Anirjit Kotoky
  • Jingle Bells and Good King Wenceslas – Dominique Gauffre
  • Firework – Frederica Sigmund
  • A whole new world – Hazel Whitham
  • Beauty and the Beast – Janelle David
  • Allegro – Arissa Binti Araf
  • Me (Duet) – Miranda Sacks and Deneth Abeykoon
  • Beautiful People (Duet) Anirjit Kotoky and Deneth Abeykoon
  • Million Dreams – Sana Varun
  • Quiet from Matilda – Elisa Smith
  • Opportunity – Madi Lowe

There will be a short certificate ceremony which each performer must be in attendance for at the end of this performance.


When you arrive and have found a table

You can order your dinner from the bar staff at our private bar, and also order drinks.

Menu’s are on your tables. Order at the bar or via the QR code

Please try and remain quiet during performances with respect to the performers

BIG SCREAMS AND APPLAUSE a highly encouraged for all the students who have worked so hard on their pieces to present to you today

Students: you may sit with your table of people throughout the performance

Please be side stage by the start of the piece before you on the program so we are not waiting for you to walk from your table


F: thehouseofvoice

I: thehouseofvoice



If you refer a friend and get them to quote your name on their trial lesson. If they then continue after this lesson to continue the term we will REWARD YOU!

Big thanks for Anne for all her tireless work as our Business Manager. We would be absolutely lost without you and all you do!

And a big thanks to Alisha our Director for organising the show and dedication she throws all aspects of HOV

Thanks to all the friends and family for supporting their loved ones on this wonderful path of MUSIC MAKING!

And a huge shout out to our students and parents whom we ABSOLUTELY adore!