Piano Coach

Gareth is a graduate of Melbourne University (Piano) and is a pianist and piano teacher.

Starting off his Piano journey as a self-taught hobbyist learning pieces off of YouTube before formal training in preparation to university. So Gareth had a later and more unconventional start to learning Piano than most others. However this allowed him a unique appreciation for the effort and patience required to attain virtuosity and understanding of how students of all backgrounds can apply themselves whatever their stage of development/background to achieve big things.

Gareth does not believe that starting piano at a later age means one is at a disadvantage so long as they are willing to afford themselves the patience required to start from the basics.

Besides a love for music from the Romantic era, Gareth has a particular interest in the musics of Disney films, pop and video game musics. Gareth has also studied classical Chinese style pieces whilst playing the Guzheng.

Gareth has a passion for teaching music and loves working with students to achieve their goals, whether complete beginner to advanced. He prides himself in making overwhelming material achievable, and works with students strengths and goal setting to achieve whatever they so desire. Gareth has experience in preparing AMEB prelim to 8 as well as auditions and performances.