Vocal Coach
HOV Coach: Will

Will was born in Melbourne and is an accomplished operatic tenor as a specialist but is a wonderful contemporary/pop and musical theatre trainer also with additional training/skills to fit the various genres and varying techniques required for all styles of voice. 

Will’s first experience of the joy of singing was at age 9 when he joined the probationary ranks of the Australian Boys Choral Institute, an organisation he continued to sing with for a further 9 years. After completing his Bachelor of Music in Voice he came away with the privilege of working with some of Melbourne’s most accomplished performers and teachers, including Andrea Katz, Dean Sky-Lucas, Henry Choo, Christopher Tonkin and Merlyn Quaife. Will now performs all across Melbourne as a soloist and ensemble for Australian Contemporary Opera Co, Melbourne Opera, Melbourne Bach and Polyphonic Voices additional to educating and developing singers at The House of Voice in all genres including Pop, Rock, Contemporary and Musical Theatre despite his professional preference in opera/classical voice.

Will believes that the most important part of singing is the enjoyment it gives to both the singer and the listener. This is the foundation of how he conducts his lessons. He also believes in the fundamentality of good technique, and that with the right technical base a singer can achieve anything they set themselves to. Will is dedicated and determined to work with his students in order to achieve their personal goals to the absolute best of their ability.