Our Students
Before and After

From the HOV Vocal Department

We are excited to launch our transformations project as of December 1st 2020.

Everyone likes a good before and after, so we are indulging in this by showing our students massive progression whilst learning at HOV.

These progressions track the progression that students make and the huge change that occurs in the years of studying at The House of Voice. We are so proud of the standard we are able to build into our students, and the huge amount of work on not only the students part but that of the teacher which forms what we like to call the “student team”. We work on all aspects of a students technique as well as mindset, confidence and performance art which is evident in these progressions which we will be sharing with you over the coming weeks. These progressions are to inspire students already of HOV and those of the general public that perhaps always wanted to start their journey but weren’t sure what high quality singing lessons could do for you and what investing a couple of dollars more to study with vocal specialists as opposed to cheapest will actually return on your investment.

We will be showing you students that might have had an instrument to begin with as well as those who started with a little more to learn. And in both journeys you will be able to see the incredible difference in vocal quality, maturity, ability, standard, confidence, mindset and performance.  

We develop all ages and levels, our selection will be added to constantly in the future, celebrating the students time at HOV

We also hope that this series shows that everyone has a beginning. And that a talented singer you have heard further along their progression line, did a lot of work with their teacher to get to the point you hear them. Which demystifies (we hope) the idea that these singers either can sing or can’t. It took a lot of dedication, hard work, commitment and expertise from their teacher to help them achieve what you hear. You really can learn vocal quality, pitch, finesse, performance art, confidence and more here at The House of Voice!

We hope these progressions in turn makes you feel strong enough to make the decision to start their journey, seeing that your voice really can really change and transform dramatically!

We look forward to watching the continual journey of all our singers at HOV and sharing their growth.

Full Progression: Abbey

Snap Progression: Monique

Full Progression: Keiran

Snap Progression: Sarah

Full Progression: Leila

Full Progression: Kristy

Snap Progression: Tilly

Short Progression: Emilie

Short Progression: Joey (Adult Self Development)

Full Progression: Emilie

Snap Progression: Max

Full Progression: Jordyn

Snap Progression: Monina (Adult Self Development)