Lessons at HOV

Ever wanted to:

  • Write your own song?
  • Record your own E.P or album?
  • Polish songs already written?
  • Learn to begin the process of songwriting?

Songwriting is tailored with individualized content, making sure students have a strong foundation of tools to express themselves authentically. Without judgement, ideas are refined to make art that resonates with the student, that both consolidates and expands their sense of themselves as artists whilst having a lot of fun!

Songwriting classes with cover:

  • How to write lyrics
  • How to add music to lyrics
  • How to write music either via your live instrument or music production programs
  • How to use and program in Garageband, Abelton, Pro tools and Logic
  • How to arrange in Garageband, Abelton, Pro tools, Logic and Sibelius
  • How to play your music live using DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
  • How to record, mix and master

If students play guitar or piano, songwriting lessons can utilize these instruments for songwriting as well as integrating instruments via DAW programs such as Garageband, Abelton, Pro tools and Logic.

If students do not play an instrument, this is ok too. Olivia will guide students in how to write music through programing in Garageband, Abelton, Pro tools and Logic.

Songwriting classes leads to your development: Students move towards creating their very own CD with performance opportunities within The House of Voice to perform original works.

Mentoring and Development

The House of Voice offers the unique experience of complete artist development. Students can attend songwriting however once songs are written coming into one of our vocal coaches to develop vocally/technically within their original works so they are the best they can be. We work together to mentor and develop your original material so it is ready for recording and performance. Contact The House of Voice for more information and to book.