Why Choose
The House of Voice

Premier Teachers

The House of Voice is the only music school to have Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University AND WAAPA graduates only.

We offer a quality service which allows students to be trained by musicians that fell into the 1.5% of musicians accepted into Australia’s best and most prestigious courses: Melbourne University, Victorian College of the Arts and WAAPA. We take pride in offering you/your child these elite and highly qualified musicians at an extremely competitive price. Each of our teachers are specialists in their field and were of a very high standard even before their own training, auditioning for these university courses where hundreds apply and 8-15 people are accepted yearly. We are proud at The House of Voice, to offer a service which allows aspiring musicians access to the best training possible for both complete beginners and skilled intermediate/professionals. Everyone should have access to good training!

Competitive Pricing

HOV is competitively priced for the quality of training offered, and we can guarantee there is a big difference amongst other training out there. You as a student will be given every tool required to make huge differences in your playing and/or singing.

All teachers are graduates of Victorian College of the Arts (Australia’s leading specialist arts university) WAAPA and Melbourne University trained specialists who are experienced performers/teachers with ever expanding skill sets in all avenues.

Techniques employed at HOV are reflective of the high level of training from VCA/Melbourne University/WAAPA and post graduate studies/research/professional development

HOV freely passes these skill sets to musicians and singers of all ages – even musicians and singers in attendance at other music universities.

Techniques employed at HOV are reflective of the high level of training, experience and qualification of all our teachers.

HOV teachers are also registered and fully qualified members of with ANATS (Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing), AMUSE, VMTA (Victorian Music Teachers Association) and all have a working for children’s approval.


Lessons include with no additional cost:

  • CDs/USB tracks for all vocal/instrumental pieces plus warmups
  • All sheet music (where possible) from our extensive database
  • Music Business advice
  • Goal setting program
  • Performance access and involvement
  • Vocal /Instrumental theoretical and technical education
  • Integration tools and resources
  • Foundations, Tools and tricks
  • Any free customizable extra

Supported instrumental and vocal training

We LOVE people!

Our students always have a safe space to evolve in an encouraging environment. We love forming beautiful student teacher bonds with each of our students.

We do not believe that our  job is to teach you vocal or instrumental figures the way we learn’t it. Or give you tools that were just relevant for us. And if you don’t get it, you just aren’t cut out to sing or play!

At HOV, we all have expanded our toolboxes in learning how to make vocal/instrumental learning applicable to all learning styles and backgrounds. And have gained additional knowledge and training in solving any technical issue that might come up, outside of what we have experience personally in our own practise. As so many educators simply pass on how they were taught, or what they had experienced. We believe good teaching is working with what is specifically happening for you, and giving you specialised/customised tools to fix your blocks specifically.

We also believe that every student teacher is in a TEAM, and that all members of the team work equally hard to ensure you are integrating every step.

We will exhaust all our tools to do this, if thats what it takes – as we are constantly taking on new creative ways to communicate vocal and instrumental technique in terms you will understand! We are passionate that all people can understand complex vocal/instrumental figures at whatever level and we make it our job to support and mentor you the entire way!

HOV works with you in a team relationship, and invests all efforts and resources to get you on the path to being the best you can be in all areas of singing and instrumental training!

Lessons have customisable extras

The unique thing about HOV is that you can customise lessons to incorporate segments of lessons to also expand theory, musicianship, aural and stagecraft alongside your vocal training without booking separate sessions. HOV believes in providing students with the Specialised and custom built vocal and musical programs This is excellent VALUE FOR MONEY as students can develop skills to become a complete musical/artistic package!

Ability to network and collaborate with related disciplines with HOV

HOV teachers were lucky enough to study at Music Schools which had various departments of music that collaborated and networked yearly. We at HOV want to bring this to our community. So we offer opportunities to collaborate with other instrumentalists through various performance nights, projects and gigs throughout the year. These are great opportunities to extend your skills as a musician and potentially help form musical outfits to gig, perform and create with.

AMEB VCE & Vocal Eisteddfod Preparation

HOV prepares any student wishing to sit their AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) examinations in the categories of: Singing for Leisure, Singing, CPM, Rock School, Piano, Guitar and Theory. Students are given the opportunity to advance their learning through this nationally recognized qualification.

HOV has an excellent track record in AMEB preparation, with student results coming in at High Distinction to Credits.

HOV prepares students of vocal /musical competitions and local eisteddfods: Eisteddfod By the Bay, Waverley Music, Manningham, Dandenong Festival of Music & Art for Youth, Boroondara Eisteddfod and many others

Additionally we are also specialist when it comes to VCE 1-4 program in voice and instrumental guitar and piano, and know what it takes to get A/A+ scores in students VCE, with proven results.

Your true voice uncovered through your instrument

Regardless of the instrument we will help you uncover your unique voice within your playing or singing.

For singers, some training methods offered will make your voice into a particular sound which is congruent to the typical “pop” sound or format. Taking you away from what makes your voice special!

At the House of Voice whilst teaching singers to have the ability to cross genres, we will help you unlock your true voice and harness the power of technique to lift it beyond imitation and tricks – to be the voice that is actually your own

Equally in guitar, piano and songwriting, some technically train you out of your voice within your instrument, stealing away your expression and interpretation. We give you a great technical grounding/understanding but show you how to move your own expression through technique.

Performance opportunities all year long

We hold concerts each term, in a variety of different themes to challenge and express your love of music and what you are learning. Amongst these we hold Mid Year and End of Year Concerts. Practise takes the fear out of performing and gives students an opportunity to perform to a good crowd many times throughout the entire year.

HOV provides not only a platform for vocal and instrumental development but provides its students with a forum to perform with free entry. Usually other musical institutions charge you for your children/or yourself to showcase or perform at concerts.

HOV exposes students to mentoring programsartist development and a large range of performance opportunities to support learning based on where they are in their development.

Holistic training

HOV believes in training the whole picture, so on top of our musical training, HOV employs a range of self development, mindset training, relaxation and postural techniques complimentary to vocal and instrumental.

You can’t avoid it: playing an instrument as well as training your voice, requires complete alignment in body mind and spirit.

You expose yourself daily to a variety of physical, social environments – and without knowing it subconsciously carry unwanted fears and experiences which either get caught up in muscle tension or hold you back emotionally from coordinating your voice or instrument efficiently

HOV helps you with this and is with you every step of the way in unifying your musical experience. Creating a more balanced singer, person and performer


HOV Approach

Unique to HOV

One of HOV’s strengths is making advanced and complex training fun, accessible, imaginative and easy.

It works and it works on the spot, allowing you to see the improvement immediately.

Whilst we will teach you about the body (in both singing and instrumental), its more important that you are reaping the rewards of that knowledge. And that doesn’t involve knowing a lot about the structures of singing but not knowing how to produce it easily.

We don’t want you to drown in vocal anatomy, we want you to be an example of it

These methods will get you right where you need to be!