Lessons At HOV

Including Piano for Singers

At The House of Voice, it’s about capturing:

  • Your voice through your instrument
  • Your confidence
  • Your technique
  • Your artistry

It is important to HOV that students have a great understanding of their instrument.

The only way this can be achieved is through in-depth piano lessons and education centred around the individual.

HOV students learn about the body (whatever the instrument), body awareness, specialised piano technique, musicianship, stagecraft, retraining of the mind to better influence playing and any blocks getting in the way of our success.

To learn more about what type of things you will be learning in lessons in Piano Education

Kids and Teens Piano Lessons

At HOV we fuel your child’s passion and love for music, develop their knowledge of piano, build their confidence, mindset and provide performance opportunities to explore what they are learning in lessons!

Piano for Singers

Learn songs you want to sing! Learn piano and the coordination to sing and play!

Performance Preparation

HOV prepares students for auditions, competitions, exams and scholarships.

Woman playing on a piano

Adult Piano Lessons

Whether you are a complete beginner, returning to lessons or wish to refine your playing as a professional. HOV can help you begin or re-establish your journey in Keyboard/Piano in whatever capacity suits you.