Vocal and Songwriting Coach
Meet HOV Coach: Jessie

Jessie Monk – Vocal and Songwriting Coach at The House of Voice

Jessie is a folk singer, story-teller, performer and voice teacher.
After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Musical Theatre, at the Victorian College of The Arts, where she trained under Heather Fletcher, Pete Rutherford, Rosemarie Harris and Andrew Byrne (NYC), Jessie’s professional theatre credits include Teenage Girl 1 in ‘Lazarus’, The Production Company,  Ensemble in ‘Vivid White’, MTC, Ensemble in ‘Beauty and The Beast’, Rob Guest Endowment Fund, as well as Featured Vocalist in Morning Melodies at Hamer Hall (2017 and 2018).

In 2019, Jessie spent six months living in an artistic community in Israel where she attended the Internal Compass Jazz Seminar, specializing in Voice and co-created various original works before moving to Berlin in 2020, where she quickly established herself in the thriving folk and jazz music scenes as a talented and unique singer-songwriter.

Jessie released her debut EP, ‘Here, Now’ in 2021 and is currently working on her next full length album, to be released in Autumn 2022.

As a teacher, Jessie works with singers in an innovative and passionate way. With a thorough and ever growing anatomical understanding of the voice, and the systems of the body that interplay with its function, Jessie’s classes are deeply embodied and lead singers, not to a standardized norm, but toward an emergence of the unique shape of their voice.

Each body is unique, and the voice first lives and resonates in the body, so each voice is deeply unique and Jessie allows this knowledge to color lessons with a sense of creativity, whilst drawing on science-based, practical exercises and offerings that invite ease and progress in technical skills.

Jessie’s classes can be oriented toward technical development, repertoire training, songwriting/creative workshopping and/or musical appreciation and are suited to both the most passionate skill seeker and someone looking to relax into a regular session of creative play for pure enjoyment.