The House of Voice
Guitar for Singers

Exclusive to HOV

The House of Voice has exclusively created and designed lessons (offered no where else) called Guitar* for Singers* which is Guitar lessons focused on vocalists or songwriters specifically learning Guitar (at any age) to accompany themselves singing – even at a beginner level!

These lessons still involve normal guitar technique and theory but are classes centred around students learning repertoire that is within their capabilities as a singer. Whether this be busking, playing gigs, songwriting or collaborating, students are set up with skills that will make them self sufficient singers/singer-songwriters.

Whilst these are not singing lessons, all our coaches have a vocal background (additional to their main instrument) and help you incorporate voice and the coordination of playing/singing – even in technical preparation!

It is important these skills be introduced (as you are learning) so that the coordination of both instruments improves. It can be daunting, but Jonathon takes students through the process step by step!

You will be amazed how fast it comes together!

These classes are great for creating independence in singers and singer-songwriters, so that they don’t always have to rely on others to accompany them in gigs/performances/busking and or recordings.

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