Tips from HOV
Beat the Common Cold/Flu

So you have an important performance coming up, you have been working hard – getting in those extra practises, seeing additional coaches, rehearsing, memorising, fine tuning, when all of a sudden the stress of it hits and suddenly you have a cold.

The key is to build your defences all year round, so as to minimise the chances of getting sick when the going gets tough.

From experience, by following these tips and integrating as many preventatives, sickness can be greatly minimised. I hardly ever get sick and I account this to the following:

TIP 1:

Get your daily dose of Echinacea.

Echinacea tablets will build up your immune system and prevent nasties getting into your system, particularly when you are stressed. You can purchase these at your local chemists, however I highly recommend making the trip to your nearest health food/vitamin shop as you can purchase brands with high potencies that are far more effective.

TIP 2:

Tissue Salts all the way!

Another fantastic preventative OR in the first stages of a cold are wonderful things called Tissue Salts.

There are many types of tissue salts you can buy, but you want to get the ones for first stages of a cold / symptoms 1 & 2. Available also at local chemists/health food stores, Tissue Salts really should be a singers sickness staple.
What are tissue salts anyway?
Well when the body is lacking one of the 12 essential minerals many common ailments can occur like fevers, colds etc etc.
Through quick absorption of these micro dosed minerals and stimulation of the body’s natural healing responses.

TIP 3:

Drink plenty of water.Avoid substances that cause dehydration, such as tea, coffee and alcohol. Particularly prior to going on stage or attending lessons. NOTE: menthol and nasal sprays may have a drying effect on your vocal chords – so avoid this where possible.

TIP 4:

Take Vitamin C or Drink Vitamin C Drinks: Add grated fresh ginger (anti-inflammatory effect) to hot water. Add sugar or honey if sweetening required. Alternatively Lemongrass and Ginger tea will sooth your vocal chords especially when sick.

TIP 5:

Suck a lemon. A great solution for soothing as well as clearing the mucus from your throat in between sets. Also great to use when the nerves hit and you need vocal fold lubrication but want to avoid becoming clogged up.

TIP 6:

Steam Inhalation/Steamer. with a few drops of Eucalyptus or Peppermint Oil, may help clear blocked sinuses. You can buy the steamers or do it the old fashion way by boiling some hot water, pour in a bowl, towel over the head, and inhale deeply until the water starts going cold.

Hope you have enjoyed these HOV handy hints, and that the change of season is a little more bearable with some solutions for beating the singers cold.