Piano and Piano for Singers Coach, Woodwind (Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet) Coach
HOV Coach: Joolee

Joolee is a versatile and multifaceted musician based in Melbourne. She majors in Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet and Piano, currently studying her Master’s of Orchestral Performance at the Melbourne Conservatorium. She received a full course entrance scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music in London in 2018, graduating with a bachelors with Honours and a Licentiate for teaching Music diploma (LRAM). Joolee’s comprehensive knowledge of musicianship and instrumental skills is evident in her achievements. She has played with the Royal Academy of Music Musical theatre and West End in London with Claude Michel Shonberg (composer of Les Miserable) where she played the Saxophone, Clarinet as well as the Flute.

She secured a full score for Music Extension 1 and 2 in high school, ranking first in NSW, and completed all AMEB grades, including a Licentiate (LMus) in both the Flute and Piano and has finished her Music Theory/Musicianship up to grade 6 with distinctions and high distinctions.

Success in studies and competitions paved the way for prestigious performances, including a Flute Concerto at the Sydney Opera House and Government House with King Charles III in attendance. Joolee has played with the Royal Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra under Seymon Bychkov at the Royal Festival Hall, worked with renowned conductors such as Laurence Cummings, Jessica Cottis, Richard Gill, and Simone Young.

Beyond orchestral and chamber playing, Joolee’s keen interest in contemporary music and composing led her to perform world premieres for the Royal Academy’s 200th Bicentenary. She played Gabriel Erkoreka’s Solo Piccolo piece and Zhenyan Li’s piece for Piccolo and Electronics as a commemoration for William Bennet (Grandfather of Flutes). Joolee has had the privilege of learning from International Pianists, Flautists and Composers like Joanna MacGregor(Head of Piano at RAM), Michael Cox(Principal BBC Symphony Orchestra), Katherine Baker (Principal Flautist of Royal Opera House), Carl Vine, and Nigel Westlake.

Joolee has experience in conducting band, orchestras, musicals and has taken Master Classes at the Sydney Conservatorium High school. She is currently an instrumental Coordinator in Victorian High Schools where she teaches Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet and Piano.

Having studied under internationally renowned professors and conductors, Joolee believes she gained invaluable insights that shaped her development as a musician and fuelled her enthusiasm for teaching.

Working with talented individuals and witnessing their growth solidified her commitment to imparting knowledge and fostering musical passion.

Joolee’s love for music and teaching is reflected in her success in facilitating student achievements, including high marks in HSC music performances, securing music scholarships for high school entrance exams, and excelling in auditions for prestigious institutions like the Sydney Conservatorium and Royal College of Music.

For Joolee, teaching piano is about creating a fun and enjoyable experience, allowing students to discover the joy of creating