Welcome and Intro by Director Alisha Gartland

MC’ed by Director of HOV – Alisha Gartland 


In respect of everyone performing tonight, all students are required to stay and support all performers, not just their own. As you know everyone has been working very hard and it is very important to us that we maintain a warm and loving environment where all students feel supported and embraced no matter where they feature in the program.

Program Order


  1. Vampire – Leila Curigliano
  2. Let her go – Emily Benson
  3. Once upon a dream from Jekyll and Hyde – Elissa Elliot
  4. Castles – Anneliese Crocker
  5. Uptown Girl – Riley Ducusin
  6. Emperors Box – Ainsley Joy
  7. Chasing Pavements – Isabel Crocker
  8. Still into you – Adi Smit
  9. Sky Cries – Katelyn Nguyen
  10. Easy on me – Rishika Naik
  11. Aint no way – Robyn Bockmann

  12. Beating heart – Anneliese Crocker and Isabel Crocker
  13. Traitor – Emily Benson
  14. Viva La Vida – Michael Robertson
  15. Blinding Lights – Zak Smit
  16. Breathe in now – Elissa Elliott
  17. Apex Predator from Mean Girls – Riley Ducusin
  18. Aint no sunshine – Adi Smit
  19. Mama it’s ok to cry – Rachael Morgen
  20. Night in Tunisia – Ainsley Joy
  21. Lost without you – Isabel Crocker
  22. Jason’s Song – Leila Curigliano
  23. Without you from Ghost – Rishika Naik
  24. Gone – Katelyn Nguyen
  25. U got it bad – Tai Nguyen
  26. Stone Cold – Robyn Bockmann


When you arrive and have found a table

You can order your dinner from the bar staff at our private bar, and also order drinks. Get in to do this first so food will be served in a timely manner

Menu’s are on your tables. Order at the bar or via the QR code

Please try and remain quiet during performances with respect to the performers

BIG SCREAMS AND APPLAUSE for all the students who have worked so hard on their pieces to present to you today

The House of Voice has multiple sessions with performers. We try to group for End of Year in Age Groups, at Christmas time however with availability sometimes its a bit mixed between teenagers, young adults and adults,



F: thehouseofvoice

I: thehouseofvoice

Huge thanks to Our Teachers for preparing all these wonderful performers!

Big thanks for Anne for all her tireless work as our Business Manager. We would be absolutely lost without you and all you do!

Thanks to all the friends and family for supporting their loved ones on this wonderful path of MUSIC MAKING!

And a huge shout out to our students and parents whom we ABSOLUTELY adore!