Welcome and Intro by Director Alisha Gartland

MC’ed by Director of HOV – Alisha Gartland 


In respect of everyone performing tonight, all students are required to stay and support all performers, not just their own. As you know everyone has been working very hard and it is very important to us that we maintain a warm and loving environment where all students feel supported and embraced no matter where they feature in the program. We also require all audiences members to remain until the end of the concert out of respect for other performers hard work and supporting other members of the community. It is not looked upon kindly to leave after your loved one, as it is not in the spirit of this community. 

Program Order

If by chance – Emily Benson
Dandelions – Layah Van Barneveld
Forever and a Day (original song) – Sarah Daniel
Shadowboxer – Elissa Elliot
Champagne Problems – Victoria Phan
River – Kathryn Davis
Clementine – Tilly Delord
Clown – Victoria Boubis
Before he cheats – Katelyn Nguyen
Still into you – Adi Smit
Forever doesn’t last – Robyn Bockmann
Rock City from “Rock City and Other Destinations” – Patrick Boothey
Safer from “First Date” – Rishika Naik
Liza from “American in Paris” – Jacob Chorovski
Voila – Kayla Payne

Sitting on the dock of the bay – Hamish Young
Classical Gas – Mali Cauchi
Rain – Lachlan Rosenberg
Helena – Louis Rynderman
Popular from “Wicked” – Elisa Smith
Sparkling Diamond – Miranda Sack
Home – Rachael Chorovski
One day – Layah Van Barneveld
Climbing uphill from “Last 5 years” – Anneliese Croker
Could have danced all night from “My Fair Lady” – Kathryn Davis
Beginning to see the light – Elissa Elliot
Sabotage (original song) – Adi Smit
Broken Hearts Break – Sarah Daniel
Cherry wine – Tilly Delord
Elastic Heart – Emily Benson
Breathe in now – Katelyn Nguyen
Noone is alone from “Into the Woods” – Rishika Naik
Goodbye from “Catch me if you can” – Patrick Boothey
Freeze your Brain from “Heathers” – Jacob Chorovski
Oh Atlanta – Kayla Payne
Moment like this – Victoria Boubis
Hallelujah – Sarah Daniel
We belong – Robyn Bockmann


When you arrive and have found a table

You can order your dinner from the bar staff at our private bar, and also order drinks. Get in to do this first so food will be served in a timely manner

Menu’s are on your tables. Order at the bar or via the QR code

Please try and remain quiet during performances with respect to the performers

BIG SCREAMS AND APPLAUSE for all the students who have worked so hard on their pieces to present to you today

The House of Voice has multiple sessions with performers across weekends and this is just one session of many. We try to mix up the instruments but this is not always possible



F: thehouseofvoice

I: thehouseofvoice

Huge thanks to Our Teachers for preparing all these wonderful performers!

Big thanks for Alisha for organising these concerts entirely on top of being a Head Vocal Coach and CEO – all the tracks, all the event coordination, send outs and all the hosting!

Anne for all her tireless work as our Business Manager. We would be absolutely lost without you and all you do!

Thanks to all the friends and family for supporting their loved ones on this wonderful path of MUSIC MAKING!

And a huge shout out to our students and parents whom we ABSOLUTELY adore!