Lessons at HOV
Singer Songwriters

Are you the lead singer or a solo act:

  • Currently performing
  • May or may not have had formal training
  • Looking to refine abilities
  • Extend vocal range
  • Improve and integrate reliable vocal technique
  • Overcome lingering habits causing discomfort
  • Overcome hoarseness and vocal problems
  • Wanting to increase vocal longevity on tour or when performing regularly
  • Wishing to take your voice to the next level

Are you a singer/songwriter:

  • Looking for a vocal program which can be centred around your original material
  • Wanting to develop your vocal lines
  • Wanting to learn how to practise good vocal technique whilst playing your instrument ie. Guitar/Piano etc.

Are you a songwriter:

  • Who is tired of employing singers to sing on your original demos
  • Who wants to pursue voice in which to improve vocal part writing
  • Who has always wanted to sing only never got around to it
  • Is wanting to add voice to their repertoire of instruments

Whatever musician you are, HOV can assist in specialising a program to suit your needs and goals.

Contact HOV for more information and to book.